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    Compostable Plates & Bowls

Available in multiple sizes,
made by bagasse (Sugarcane Fibers),
a biodegradable and bioactive material.

All of our plates, bowls, and cutlery have been embossed with a BPI and Compost logo. There has been a growing amount of States that require this addition to these products in order to help the compost facilities recognize items that are truly compostable.

Composable Plates & Bowls: Product

6" Dessert Plates


11.49 oz  Bowls

7IN Bowl.png

13.52 oz  Bowls


9" Dinner Plates

10 Plate.png

10" Dinner Plates

10in 3C.png

10" 3-Compartment plates

Composable Plates & Bowls: Inventory
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